Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Interview with Davora Lindner of Prairie Underground

We had the pleasure of interviewing Davora Lindner, co-designer and head of marketing at Prairie Underground. With a background as a sculptor, she has earned numerous accolades for her art and recognition for her collaboration with Camilla Eckersley on their wildly popular apparel line: Prairie Underground. We sat down for a quick chat about this innovative brand out of Seattle.


As Artists, what makes you tick? Where do you find your inspiration for a new collection? 

We're self-referential in the way we work. Our theme is generally Prairie Underground and what we have produced historically. The collection is created in homage to a time and place in the late 80's but its meant to address the needs of contemporary women. It's common for new styles to be based on a previous ones that we're perfecting or evolving. We reference fashion history and interpret historical silhouettes in contemporary fabrications. Pret-a-Porter designers also inspire what we create.

"Fashion is an applied art and that dialogue is global and evolving. It's our job to offer garments that are novel that also have a broad appeal. We try to think more like inventors than artists." 

 What does your average day look like? 

Responding to email, phone calls, problem solving and fittings. There are quarterly creative periods devoted to sketching, pattern making, colors stories, textile development and photo shoots but we spend a lot of time on the day to day demands of running our company. We're lucky to work with an incredibly talented team of individuals we also consider friends. It's a unique environment and we laugh a lot.

What makes a stylish person? 

Careful planning and self discipline. Important to note that it isn't essential to be stylish.

What has been the biggest obstacle having your own line? 

It's always been decision making. It's daily, of vital importance and generally time sensitive.

All images courtesy of Prairie Underground. Article by: Elizabeth Aley

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