Sunday, November 11, 2012

Costa Blanca Holiday

Costa Blanca produces a contemporary line of women’s apparel for the fashion forward woman. Costa Blanca seeks to fulfill their customers’ wardrobe needs: from work to play, daytime to nighttime, casual to formal. Their Holiday Collection focus on rich neutrals and cozy fabric for cooler months head!

 Two Tone Lurex Tunic, $102

 Plaid Coat, $168
 V-neck Pleated Blouse, $78

Herringbone Skirt, $65

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

DAY Birger et Mikkelsen

We are beyond excited to introduce you to DAY Birger et Mikkelsen
A gorgeous line from Denmark. We are one of a handful of stores
 in the United States to carry the Danish line.

DAY BIRGER ET MIKKELSEN is a modern, classic, ethnic look full of intriguing contrasts, in a sexy, stylish expression. From exotic influences to the shimmery glamour of vintage styles. To tailoring inspired by men’s styling to inventive silhouettes. Timeless designs appealing to the creative 
spirit of metropolitan bohemians everywhere.

In store and online!

 Down Coat $465

 Erin Top $245

 Silk Graphic Top $235

 Bow Metal Necklace $85

Knit Two Tone Cardigan $208

  Velvet Bliss Dress $295

 Metal Strings Tassel Necklace $75


 Lace Top $265

 Drop Wrap Dress $169

Striped Top $118

Sunday, November 4, 2012

100% Natural Vegan Bath + Body Care

Parallel is happy to be carrying Herbivore Botanicals, just in time for the holiday season!

They are gentle, mild and truly natural. Every scent and color you find in an Herbivore Botanicals product will be from nature, never a synthetic fragrance or an artificial dye. This means that our products are safe for everyone- even the most sensitive skinned individual. 

Some of our favorite products are Seaweed + Minerals Bath Soak, Organic Dead Sea Clay Soap, Dead Sea Bath Salt Set, and Organic Sensitive Skin Soap pack. 

Seaweed + Mineral Bath Soak
They have created this soak as the next best thing to a swim in the ocean. Combined with Lavender Essential Oil and Brazilian Sea Salt, this soak smells quite a bit like the sea (and lavender). Taking a bath in it is a truly relaxing and rejuvenating experience. $28

Dead Sea Clay Soap
This soap contains a generous portion of Dead Sea Clay. Dead Sea Clay comes from the Dead Sea one of the deepest and saltiest bodies of water on earth. This clay is nutrient and mineral rich in addition to being detoxifying. It pulls toxins from deep within while nourishing, hydrating and replenishing your skin with 26 essential minerals from the Dead Sea. This combination of detoxing and nourishing qualities will leave your skin soft, glowing and renewed without drying it out. $9

Dead Sea Bath Salt
3 Types Included are:
+ Renew Bath Salts: An uplifting and aromatic blend of essential oils, including clary sage and rose geranium, Hiwa Kai Black Lava Salt, 
and dead sea salts.
+ Detox Bath Salts: Formulated to detoxify your body and clear your mind these salts include a blend of lavender, eucalyptus and rosemary essential oils along with highly detoxifying Cambrian Blue Clay.
+ Calm Bath Salts: A truly soothing and calming blend including ylang ylang, lavender and a light scent of tangerine to relax the mind and body (great for before bed). $11 each.

Organic Sensitive Skin Soap Set
This set includes 3 full size bars of soap all intended for the most sensitive skin. These soaps will help to combat dryness, redness and itchiness. They are all moisturizing and mild soaps that will work really well as face or body bars. $20

Please check out the compete line HERE!

New Merchandise Online and In Store!!!

Prairie Underground

Commuter Shrug, $154

Frond Collar Top, $176

Long Cloak Hoodie in Deep Blue, $264

  Long Sleeved Denim Day Dress, $187

 Denim Girdle Legging in Black, $143

Denim Girdle Legging in Emerald, $143
Velvet Tuxedo Leggings, $121

 Shawl Collar Orbit, $187

The Untitled Tunic, $180

Ruched Top in Coal, $115

Silk Panel Top, $125

Ruched Top in Heather Grey, $115

Rag & Bone

Terry Moto Dress, $286
 Mesh Raglan Top, $175

Terry Pleat Pant in Gunmetal, $195

 Terry Pleat Pant, $187

Circle Scarf in Oatmeal, $36

Circle Scarf in Rose, $36

Cowlneck Sweater in Helmet, $88

 Drop Sleeve Cardigan, $136

 Cowlneck Sweater in Rusty, $88

 Shawl Scarf, $215


Leopard Print Green, $204

 Clothes Pin Scarf, $204