Saturday, May 24, 2014

Interview with Stylist Scarlet Chamberlin

Stylist and jewelry designer, Scarlet Chamberlin sits down with us to discuss fashion and the upcoming summer season. With a wealth of knowledge about how to wear clothes with confidence, Scarlet works with clients one-on-one to help pull collections together. An advocate for feeling your best by loving what you wear, Scarlet works with clients to find a unique look completely their own.  Let's dive in, shall we! 

What makes a stylish person in your opinion?
A truly stylish person is someone who has considered their wardrobe and their look and fully owns it. They’ve aligned their look with their essence and personality. They draw on inspiration from a variety of sources for example: pop culture, travel, street style, icons from the past, art, film, theater, science. Some of the most stylish women I’ve met are in their 50s, 60s and 70s. They wear a blend of heirloom, vintage, designer, mass produced, and handmade clothing and accessories. They have lived long enough to know that some of the best looks happen when they experiment, they aren’t afraid of what others think, they have an opinion, they understand quality. I think anyone can wear a stylish outfit, especially if it’s free, but building a stylish wardrobe on one’s own with the confidence to pull it off takes time and a sense of adventure!
Any trends you are excited about for the coming season? 
  • Comfortable shoes! I’m so happy to see lower heeled designer options, thank goodness, and “comfort shoe” brands are finally offering flattering and fashionable styles. 
  • Waist defining silhouettes. I enjoy wearing boxy layers and flow-y dresses, but it’s really fun to see the return of the figure contouring hourglass silhouette available in all sizes. I love the boning, corsetry, bustier details done in an edgy way this season. 
  • Tie dye and ombre in understated or subdued tones. Dip dyeing in neutral tones appeals to fashion forward beach babes and a more mature audience looking for visual texture. Great for summer. I love my Kain Label jacket from Parallel! 
  • No makeup. It’s happening on the runways. And major celebrities, like Reese Witherspoon in the upcoming movie WILD, are choosing not to wear makeup on screen. Now let’s see if the general public adopts it.  

Tell us about your process with a client; how do you find the right look?

When I work with clients, my main goal is to bring forth the stylish person inside them. That starts with a solid foundation of knowing what suits your body type and personality. With that filter in mind, we analyze and SORT through the existing wardrobe. Then we go SHOPping with a plan, budget and strategy. I encourage them to try new things. I nudge them towards designers, boutiques, and experiences that are in line with their brand. Then we head back to their home to STYLE outfits, blending the old with the new. I teach them how to combine their pieces in ways that are current, flattering, and interesting. And I supply them with tools to remember everything we covered together. By supporting them in their own discovery, they continue to cultivate their own personal style and succeed when I’m not around. That said, some clients don’t buy anything unless it’s “Scarlet Approved”! I’ve worked with some of my clients now for years in this collaborative way.   

What is your summer uniform? 
I’ve got 2:
  1. Flow-y Dress (Currently I’m rocking a Vintage Silk Caftan), Structured Denim Jacket (I’m digging my Comptoir Des Cotonniers), Leather Belt with Metallic Buckle (Cheap Monday), Stacked Heel Leather Sandals (On trend but I’ve always loved. My favorite designer is Calleen Cordero), and Jewels (ABCoLab)!
  2. Silk Blouse in black or white, a Long Topper (like The Kain Label!), Distressed Denim, refined Black Flats, Bright Pedicure, and a Big Bag. Perfect for long days spent shopping. 

If you are interested in learning more about Scarlet or her services, you can find her online here: TwitterInstagram & her website.

Image courtesy of Scarlet Chamerlin. Article by: Elizabeth Aley

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

How to hand wash silk at home

Have you ever felt anxiety when it comes to hand washing silk? I have, big time. I usually trust my silk delicates to the professionals; I am worried that I will ruin everything!  After my last dry cleaning bill, however,  I decided there has to be a better way.

I went to Tez with my dilemma (sorry Mom) and she recommended the fine ladies at Laundress.  Their resourceful website has tips on how to clean anything (and I mean anything).  Plus their freshly scented detergents smell heavenly, one whiff and I was hooked.

Here is what I learned about washing silk

  • Hand washing silk from home is actually better for your silk items then Dry Cleaning. Who knew!
  • To remove odors, prewash with Vinegar (Laundress has a good scented vinegar option). 
  • If possible, turn the garment inside out while washing. 
  • Only soak for half and hour - No longer! 
  • Some color will be in the water, don't worry that is normal. 
  • Only wash like colors together. 
  • Never, never wring out the garment once you are finished. Let the item hang dry or lay the garment flat on a towel to dry. 
  • Once the item is dry, steam or press the garment flat. 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

SPOTTED: Grey's Anatomy

We spotted the lovely Rita Sweater by Rag & Bone on Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Finale!

We have one XS left!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Wrap yourself in something fabulous this summer!

Change a well worn outfit into something fresh with one of these luscious wraps from Yarnz.  Made with soft cashmere, silk & wool, these blends from Yarnz are the perfect complement to a summer breeze.

Parallel just listed these beauties and I am having a hard time picking out my favorite. Take a gander at these flirty scarfs and see if you can pick the winner (it is harder than it sounds): 

Flower Patch Cashmere, Silk Scarf by YARNZ
Color: Camel, 70% Cashmere 30% Silk, Measurements: 36" X 80"  

Lurex Stripe Cashmere, Silk Scarf by YARNZ
Color: Gold, 50% Cashmere 50% Silk, Measurements: 28" X 80"

Grid Cashmere/Silk Scarf in Light Grey by YARNZ
  Color: Light Grey, 70% Cashmere 30% Silk, Measurements: 36" X 80"  

Farm Cashmere/Silk Scarf by YARNZ
 Color: Light Pink, 70% Cashmere 30% Silk, Measurements: 36" x 80"

Grid Cashmere/Silk Scarf in Camel by YARNZ
Color: Camel, 70% Cashmere 30% Silk, Measurements: 36" X 80"  
Leopard Jewels Cashmere Scarf by YARNZ
Color: Leopard, 50% Cashmere 50% Wool, Measurements: 28" X 80" 

Tree Leopard Cashmere Scarf by YARNZ
     Color: Teal, 50% Cashmere 50% Wool, Measurements: 28" X 80"  

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Makr Carry Goods

I am so happy to bring back Makr to Parallel Portland! 
We carried the line when they first launched their little leather wallets in 2008.
 They have since branched out to handbags, totes, belts, and journals. 
They still possess the same artisan quality to their work with impeccable finishing and details. 
My personal favorite is the bottle key opener! In store now.