Monday, December 29, 2008

NY Times Fashion Post on Obama


Barack Obama on vacation on Kailua Beach in Hawaii. (Chris Rust/INF)

Unless you expect heads of state to wear a tie at the beach, there’s nothing particularly shocking about the sight of President-elect Obama in bathing trunks. He looks fit, and at least he did not opt for itty-bitty European briefs.

Have a great holiday, everyone. We’ll take a little break on the blog until the New Year.


Here's the new pieces from Hazel. Always cute and affordable.





Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The North Pearl Stroll and Shop

Join Parallel for Candy Canes and Champagne.
See you there!

A Peace Treaty Holiday 08

The UPS man just delivered an icy cold box of beautiful scarves from the Holiday collection. They have outdone themselves this season. Their fabrics seem softer and the colors brighter. We cannot wait to see what they do for Spring.

Pilani $110

Tikvah $100

Isha $100

Geva $100