Monday, July 29, 2013

Beating the Summer Heat!

 On the Streets with Billing Cunningham covered an interesting topic from a fashion point view what survived the heatwave was the all the white toppings. Check out the video here!

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Here our suggestions: 

 Every Shirt, $150

Thira Tunic, $209
 The Raven Dress is Downi (pictured) and white, $180
 Unite Dress, $190

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Prairie Underground: Fall Collection

Prairie Underground Fall available for Pre-Order NOW! 
Separated into three deliveries and will arrive at the end of each month. 

July Delivery:
Heartstrings, $209
Off the Grid, $209
Ionic Blouse, $209
Lyre Tunic, $123
Lucky Strike, $150

August Delivery:
Austen Blouse, $180

The Raven, $176

 The Hunter, $220

Denim Girdle Legging, $150

Prairie Hoodie in Oatmeal, $264

September Delivery:
 Long Cloak Hoodie in Galaxy, $264

 Rain Blanket, $264
Monarch in Brown (not pictured), $275

Saturday, July 20, 2013

New Merchandise in Store and Online!

Rag & Bone
 Carnaby Blouse, $328

Jacquard Henley, $168

 Vitti Tee, $148

Elloway Top, $185

Cullison Tank, $118

McMenamy Top, $185

 Fabiola Top, $208

Day Birger et Mikkelsen
Penumbra Dress, $355

 Rays Top, $179

 Aplenty Cardigan, $170
 Connection Dress, $298

 Gaze Sweater,$180

Whisk Trench, $369
Infinity Dress, $240

Kain Label
 Dayton Tee, $96
 Joss Cardigan, $135
 Lily Dress, $225
Rory Pant, $355
Miika Dress, $114

Friday, July 12, 2013

Fun in the Sun

Here are some pics from my most recent trip home to Honolulu. 
 It is always fun to visit Ala Moana shopping center where all the big name designers have stores. 
 My day 'window' shopping:

Loved these vintage LV suitcases they used for their display.

Brilliant how they made her look suspended in air with the hot air balloons around her.  

Here I am trying clothes on at Diane Von Furstenburg. And yes, I did get this dress!

A must stop in Hawaii, local shrimp truck lunch.

Was seriously good eats after a morning at the beach.

I rarely go to Waikiki when I go home but this time we wanted to take the kiddos surfing and Waikiki is ideal for beginners and I was surprised how beautiful even Waikiki is. 
This is a Banyan tree that I thought was so gorgeous.

This is KCC Farmers Market they have every Sat. 
My Mom goes every week and woke me up at 6am to go. 
And this is how many people are already here at a quarter to 7am. 
Not only to beat the heat but to get first pick!

And this is how I always end (and begin) my time on the island. With a stiff Mai Tai. 
Cheers and Aloha!