Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Missoni Mayhem

Did you brave the crowds and craziness yesterday for the launch of the new "Missoni for Target" designer collaboration? I have to admit, I knew it was coming and I knew it would be "huge" - but I didn't expect what happened.

I did not attempt to fight through the crowds but lived in the Mayhem through people and media. Customers who can well afford the real Missoni were coming in to the store to show me their finds. It was just a kick for them to buy a pair of Missoni ballet flats for under $30.

The Target website crashed early in the morning - and by the time it finally recovered late last night, almost everything was sold out. Friends were texting and Face booking pictures and wish lists all day long. People were even hitting multiple Target's to score more Missoni.

What do you think of the Missoni for Target collection? I hope you managed to find everything you were looking for. The Target website had more traffic on Tuesday than on Black Friday - they'd be fools not to produce more and replenish. Lots of folks had trouble ordering online and their stores were wiped clean. Reports are that police had to be called in several locations, when actual fights broke out over the merchandise. Hard to believe, huh?

According to a Target representative who appeared on the Today Show this morning, stores will be replenished so check your local stores "often" is what they are suggesting.

They installed a pop-up store last week in Manhattan during Fashion Week. The line to the shop covered six city blocks, and planned to be open for three days. However - in six hours they were completely sold out of merchandise and had to close. Complete and total "Missoni Mayhem"!

Here are my faves from the collection:

Missoni Bike $399

Cardi $49.99
Not to forget the gents....Necktie $24.99

Hat $19.99

Sectional with table $599.99

Layette Tunic $29.99
One piece swimsuit $39.99

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