Tuesday, July 7, 2015

How to Care for White Clothing

It's summertime so that means you are wearing a lot more white clothing than usual. We have a few suggestions on how to care for your white clothing. We love and recommend Whites Detergent by The Laundress.


The Laundress knows how hard it is to keep your daily whites white. They have formulated with natural bleach alternative, surfactants, and stain-fighting enzymes, this product keeps your whites not only clean, but bright as new. This product may be used safely on colors.
How to Use:
  • Sort laundry before washing and always wash whites items together.
    It is best to wash and dry sheets and towels together, separate from everyday laundry. 
  • Pre-treat stains with Wash & Stain Bar or Stain Solution, for best results treat stains first and and pre-soak for the most effective removal. 
  • Pre-soak for super dingy whites. Make a bath of hot water and All-Purpose Bleach Alternative. Soak items for at least an hour. 
Machine Wash:
  • Launder with hot water and Whites Detergent. Add All-Purpose Bleach Alternative directly to the drum of the washing machine
  • Do not dry any items that still have stains.  
  • Hang to dry on a line in the sun for energy efficiency, natural whitening and that fresh line experience…or use the dryer. 

http://www.parallelportland.com/products/wash-stain-barWash & Stain Bar: 
 Remove Stains: Pretreat Stains Such as Dirt, Grease, Ring Around the Collar, Pit Stains, and Cuff Stains.

• Wet the bar and gently work into the stained area(s).
• Presoak the item or proceed by laundering as normal.

 For a laundry boost and extra whitening, add our All-Purpose Bleach Alternative. For extra softening, static control, and wrinkle reduction, follow with our Fabric Conditioner.

Source: The Laundress

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