Sunday, October 5, 2014

Interview with Rachael Wood of Chinti & Parker

image of Anna and Rachael of Chinti & Parker
Anna & Rachael of Chinti & Parker 

Rachael Wood, Chinti & Parker co-founder, sat down to answer our questions about her playful collaboration with business partner and cousin, Anna Singh.  The quality conscious brand launched in 2009, producing comfortable, timeless cuts that "allows you to simply get dressed and get on with it". With a loyal following on both sides of the pond, Chinti & Parker has made a name by setting high standards for value. Proponents of  a ‘buy better’ philosophy, Chinti & Parker buy the very best materials while insuring that every step of the production is done in safe and fair environments.

Star Sweater by Chinti & Parker

Why did you choose to have the cashmere pieces made in Mauritius? 

We work with many factories, mainly in Europe but we work with a family run factory in Mauritius because their craftsmanship is excellent and they put up with our technical knitwear designs which have been known to challenge the more traditional of knitters.

Guernsey Stripe Sweater by Chinti & Parker

What separates your quality cashmere from other brands that are less expensive? 

The answer lies partly in the question. Quality. To begin with we work with the best yarn available in the market; it is expensive but it will last the test of time. Design, fit and make are all extremely important to us hence why we go to great lengths to find the perfect manufacturers. Workers are paid a fair wage and all working conditions are of a high standard. All of these things mean that our product looks great; plus you can feel great about the way in which your sweater has been made.

External Seam Cardigan by Chinti & Parker

What inspires you and where does your whimsical design sense come from? 

We don't take ourselves too seriously and I think this comes across in our playful designs. When it comes down to whether a style makes it into the collection, we always ask ourselves, would I want to wear this?

Bow Print Shirt by Chinti & Parker
$174 $102

What can we expect from Chinti & Parker in the future? 

Our big news this autumn is the launch of menswear.

"We always ask ourselves, would I want to wear this?" 

What makes a stylish person in your opinion.

Someone who stays true to their own taste, who isn't swayed by trend. Above all, this person has confidence. If you believe you have it, then we will too.

Bamboo Jersey Maxi V-Neck Dress by Chinti & Parker
$255 $153

What has been the biggest obstacle and boon of being a designer? 

I think it's very difficult to get noticed these days; it's a challenge even getting your foot in the door in the first place. Managing the balance between creativity and commerciality is also a challenge. The boon is being able to do something I love. It is a privilege and something I am extremely grateful for.

All images courtsey of Chinti & Parker and Parallel. Article by Elizabeth Aley.

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