Monday, December 17, 2012

Parallel was featured in WIlamette Week: 2012 Holiday Gift Guide, Vol. 2 Nice Things for Naughty People!

"In our first Holiday Gift Guide, we directed you to some downright pleasant local stores, where you might putter around aimlessly and endlessly to find gifts for the various people in your life—craftsfolk, snoots, children—who might like to get a little something-something in cellophane and a bow.

Well, the time for puttering is over, you filthy procrastinator. 
The season’s various gift-giving holidays are fast approaching or winding perilously down. 

We like to follow a simple rule when our backs are against the wall: shoot for the plump, low-hanging fruit.

And, of course, we know that all acquisition stems from vice, and that vice is at the heart of our most decadent enjoyments. We’ve learned this from Leo Tolstoy, Gautama Buddha and Mitt Romney. 

So for our Holiday Gift Guide Volume 2: Nice Things for Naughty People, we’ve picked 42 strange or wonderful or even useful items, all sold at independent local stores or websites, that appease or pander shamelessly to the traditional seven capital vices, from wrath to sloth.

Do not fight the failings or weaknesses of your friends and family. Indulge them terribly. The holidays, after all, are no time for nagging or self-improvement. 

Let’s all be worse together, in relentless good spirits. 

And, as always, we raise our collective glasses to the mostly gentle passing of another year. Cheers! Kampai! Iechyd da!"
—Matthew Korfhage

Parallel was featured under the Envy The Capital(ist) Vices:

#2 Seaweed Soak by Herbivore Botanicals, $28.

Soak also available in Coconut Milk & Oatmeal
Click her for the complete collection by Herbivore Botanicals

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