Friday, June 15, 2012

Outfit-Making Belts

We love belts here at Parallel and Instyle wrote an excellent article emphasizing the beauty of belts for
any body type and look.  

"Belts aren't just for holding up jeans—and never has that been more clear than this season! Stars like Kate Middleton and Roise Huntington-Whiteley emphasized the point (and their curves!) in a fashionable array of rich metallic waist-cinchers, wide statement styles and sparkling evening options." ~ Instyle

Here are Instyle's examples for Evening Belts:

Here is our example of an Evening Belt Look: 

Tank Dress with Belt by Underligne by Doo.ri.

 Here are Instyle's examples for Basic Belts Looks:

Here is our example for a Basic Belt look:
Complete look by pas de calais (including studded belt).

Feel free to check out all our belts: Here and what else Instyle has to say about belts.

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