Sunday, May 31, 2009

I Bid Adieu to 1122 NW Marshall

It is May 31, 2009, and it is our last day here at 1122 NW Marshall. I look around and am not sure what I am feeling. We worked so hard to find the most unique space for Parallel and I feel we did indeed accomplish that. As sad as I feel to leave here, I am excited and enthusiastic for what lies ahead. Our new location on 1oth and Johnson at Jamison Square will be very promising. The tranquility of 12th and Marshall will now be traded for the sound of screaming kids at the fountain and the streetcar going by. I am excited for this trade off.

The addition of Parallel to the existing retail store fronts, will only strengthen Jamison Square as a retail destination. My new neighbors have already expressed their support and lending hand and I am humbled by their kindness. To my original supporters on the Marshall block, I will miss you immensely. Please know that I am not too far away:).

Come visit us at our new location: 1022A NW Johnson St, we should be open by the afternoon of first Thursday, June 4th if all goes as planned.

xoxo Tez

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