Wednesday, January 28, 2009

One Little Tocca Dress

I ordered four pieces from the Tocca spring collection but three pieces were canceled. Luckily, my favorite piece from the collection was saved! A beautiful cotton/ramie* chambray dress that will be a beautiful addition to spring 09. Lattice front detail, a very flattering A-line shape, and front pockets. An easy fun piece. $297, sizes 2-10.

What is ramie?

Ramie is a flowering plant which is native to Asia. It is harvested and processed to yield strong fibers, also called ramie, which are used in the production of textiles, twine, filters, and sacking. Like flax, jute, and hemp, ramie is considered a bast fiber crop, meaning that the usable portion of the plant is found in its connective tissue structures. The plant is widely cultivated in several Asian nations, which export ramie around the world.

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