Monday, November 10, 2008

Navar NY


Navar is a state of mind. The concept is all in the details. It is about paying attention to what really matters to a woman - luxurious fabrics, simple elegance, wearability. Women deserve beautiful clothes they can wear everyday.

Navar brings sophistication to a woman’s wardrobe. With NAVAR, it is easy for you to choose fashion that compliments you. This ease of style helps you to utilize more of your wardrobe and to dress and feel the way you envision yourself. Simple, fashionable pieces become the essential palette that helps to create this vision. Supple silks, soft cottons and rich wool accommodate any lifestyle while allowing you to create a look all your own. You will become more than just a hanger for the latest fashions.

NAVAR is the method for a woman to create her own personal look - be it playful or sexy, conservative or a little daring.

Introducing NAVAR to Portland, Oregon.

Silk Twill Blouse with triple cuff detail and tortoise buttons

Smoked wool trouser sizes 0-12

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