Wednesday, May 21, 2008

88 orange

I am so excited about this line, because I have personally met and absolutely love the designers!!! Andy and Heather are two cool cats that worked at the high end A'Maree's in Newport Beach and was constantly posed with the question, "Where can I find the perfect tee?". So, they decided to launch their own organic tee line, 88 orange. Heather's grandfather had an orange grove, and a perfect orange fits 88 in a crate. The name is a wink and nod to her grandparents(and they're in the picture as well!!!!). 88 orange knits are made from the finest organic yarns woven together to create light weight cozy t-shirts that are refined, sexy and ideal for layering. And, like we weren't sold already, the final laundering process is infused with a fresh orange blossom scent. How sweet is that?

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